Increasing predictive validity of human decisions under risk situations using fMRI measurements and mixed reality technology (WP2)

Neuroeconomics tries to improve our understanding of human decision making by combining models and theories from economics, neuroscience and psychology. Most behavioral and survey-based measures to characterize individuals show only moderate transfer into more complex, real-life decisions. The ESR will develop a broader range of fMRI based tasks on risk-taking and analyse individual differences in reactions to different levels of risk. The goal is to create (together with UPV) VR-based, more ecologically valid and domain specific risk-taking tasks and relate individual difference measures in fMRI to behaviour measured in VR-experiments and perform longitudinal (questionnaire-based) assessments of real-life risk taking behaviours.

Planned secondments: UPV (2 months) to study VR/MR technologies; NEUR (2 months) to apply technologies to neuro-business models.