Panel of experts in RHUMBO’s Final Conference

Prof. Michael Madary from the University of the Pacific, CA (USA), Prof. Frank Biocca from the University of New Jersey, USA, and Prof. [...]

RHUMBO Final Conference

RHUMBO is about to finish and the UPV organizes the Final Conference: A two-day event in which the scientific results will be presented [...]

Seminar on European research funding opportunities

UPV has organized a training seminar focused on the funding opportunities provided by EC. The session has been focused on training the ESRs [...]

Hackaton in AAU: presentation of the 8-channel BCI system “Unicorn”

The 8-channel BCI system ‘Unicorn’ was presented at the Aalborg University in Copenhagen to student groups in the degree programs Medialogy, Sound and [...]

AAU hosts several secondments in the last few months

The University of Aalborg (AAU) hasa hosted several secondments in the last few months. Masoud Moghaddasi from UPV (Spain), Fazard Saffari from NEUR [...]

Hossein Dini secondment at UPV

ESR3, Hossein Dini, from the Univeristy of Aalborg (Denmark) has stayed in Valencia for a 3-month secondment. The aim of this secondment has [...]

Workshop: Experiences in Career Management, Job Application & Resume Preparation

Next Wednesday, 10.11.2021 from 9:00 am till 13:15 pm will take place an online workshop in Career Management, Job application and resume preparation. [...]

Seminar on Standardisation, Certification and Regulation of Devices

Artinis Medical Systems organises the third workshop of RHUMBO project within the training week in Austria. The Seminar will take place in Nov, [...]

Technical Lectures III

Next Monday Nov, 8th start the third RHUMBO Training School hosted by GTEC. This networking event is a 3-day Training school that consist [...]

HCI International Conference 2021

Leonard Schreiner, ESR10 in GTEC presented his conference paper “Online Classification of Cognitive Control Processes Using EEG and fNIRS: A Stroop Experiment” The [...]

Virtual Fieldtrip 3: Neuroscience’s contributions to the future landscape of business and industry

The University of Aalborg hosted the third virtual fieldtrip of the project. This time the training will be focused on future contributions of [...]

ESR1, Jaikishan Khatri is in the University of Aalborg for a secondment

ESR 1 has moved to Denmark for a 2- months stay in the University of Aalborg (AAU). Jaikishan will get familiar with the [...]

g.tec Spring School on Brain-Computer interface and neurotechnology on April 12-21 2021

The past 10 days included 96 hours of virtual education and drew 4.000 participants who generated more than 400 IG Stories and asked [...]

ESR1 Jaikishan Khatri and ESR6 Diego Candia Rivera are doing a pilot study with EEG and GSR in Virtual Reality.

ESR1 Jaikishan Khatri and ESR6 Diego Candia Rivera are doing a pilot study with EEG and GSR in Virtual Reality. This experiment is [...]

Seminar II: Responsible Research & Innovation II

Next Dec, 2nd as a new event inside the RHUMBO training week, the University of Valencia organises Seminar II: Responsible Research and Innovation [...]

Women on Neuroscience

UPV organises the Women on Neuroscience event on Dec, 3rd. 3 relevant researchers of different fields of expertise related with neuroscience will give [...]

Workshop I: Responsible Research and Innovation I

As part of the network training activities, UPV hosts a Workshop focused on responsible research and innovation regarding topics as ethics and gender. [...]

Technical Lectures II

The University of Valencia in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia organises Technical Lectures II, a virtual event in which world-wide known [...]

New secondment in the University of Aalborg

Aline Simonnetti, one of the PhD student of Universidad de Valencia (Spain) is in the University of Aalborg for a 3-month secondment. The [...]

EAB Research Projects Conference 2020

Prof. Mariano Alcañiz will present RHUMBO project in the next EAB Research Projects Conference next Sep, 15th. This year’s Conference will be held [...]

Webinar on Data Management and FAIR Principles

Next June, 22nd the University of Aalborg organises an online webinar with the title “How does your Data Management Plan relate to your [...]

New version of high density grids for EEG measurements

Matilde Dirodi from g.Tec Medical Engineering has designed a new version of high density grids for EEG measurements. Each grid contains 25 channels [...]

2nd Vitual Fieldtrip “Women contributions to Neuroscience”

UKB has organized the 2nd Virtual Filedtrip of RHUMBO. In the Virtual Fieldtrip have participated Qëndresa Rramani, PhD student at the Center for [...]

Studying working memory for biomarker identification

Danish Sound Network visited the laboratories of the CREATE department at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. Visitors experienced and interacted with staff of the  [...]

New PhD open position at Aalborg University (Denmark)

A new PhD position is open in Narrative Cognition and Decision-making in Mixed Reality Systems. At the Technical Faculty of IT and Design [...]

“Extended Reality & Presence in Neuroscience” by Prof. Frank Biocca

Prof. Frank Biocca gave a lecture with the topic “Extended Reality and Presence in Neuroscience” during the 1st Training School in Pisa, Italy. [...]

Prof. Paul Verschure gives a lecture in “Neurocomputational methods for comparing VR and reality” in the 1st Training School in Pisa, Italy

On the second day of the 1st Training School, Prof. Paul Verschure gave a lecture on neurocomputational methods for comparing VR and reality. [...]

Biosignals workshop at AAU

Mauro Nacimben, ESR11 at NEURONS, INC, attended a workshop organized by Prof. Bruni (Mauros’s PhD supervisor) focused on biosignals. ESR11 explained HRV and [...]

Introduction to the PhD Study (Engineering/Tech)

ESR11, Mauro Nascimen, from NEURONS, INC. attended an streaming session of PhD class organized by Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark. Both ESR3 and [...]

Matilde Dirodi, ESR10 from GTEC, attended the EMBC2019 in Berlin (Germany)

Matilde Dirodi attended the last edition of the 41st International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference organised by the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and [...]

fNIRS UK 2019 Conference in Birmingham

ESR9, Sofía Sappia, from ARTINIS Medical Systems, B.V., attended the fNIRS UK Conference in Birmingham. This conference included workshops, seminars and poster presentations. [...]

Eye tracking workshop in Multimodal Perception and Cognition course AAU

Rhumbo ESR3 Suman Sarkar was involved in a dissemination activity presenting advances in eye-tracking methodology in a workshop on psychophysiological methods for students [...]

1st Virtual Fieldtrip

On Sep, 5th will take place the first on-line networking training session of RHUMBO. Supervisors, co-supervisors and ESRs will introduce themselves as an [...]

UPV attends the ITN Coordinators Info Day in Brussels

The Executive Team (ET) of RHUMBO, Mariano Alcañiz and Alejandra del Valle,  attend the ITN Coordinators Info Day organised by the European Commission [...]