Workshop: Experiences in Career Management, Job Application & Resume Preparation

Next Wednesday, 10.11.2021 from 9:00 am till 13:15 pm will take place an online workshop in Career Management, Job application and resume preparation. The goal of the workshop is to provide the ESRs and external attendees the tools for preparing a successful job application. Main tips for an interesting resumen preparation will be also provided and experts will speak about their experiences in career management.

The workshop is divided in two parts:

From 9:00 till 11:00, Dr. Thomas Z. Ramsøy, NEUR (DK), Dr. Morten Friis-Olivarius, CINC (DK) and Ms. Carla Nagel, NMSBA (NL) will speak about Experiences in Career Management.

The link to access the session is the following:

From 11:15 till 13:00, Dr. Willy Colier, AMS (NL) Dr. Jörn M. Horschig, AMS (NL) will speak about Job Application and Resumen Preparation. The link to access this part of the session is