Panel of experts in RHUMBO’s Final Conference

Prof. Michael Madary from the University of the Pacific, CA (USA), Prof. Frank Biocca from the University of New Jersey, USA, and Prof. Riccardo Barbieri from the Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy), together with Prof. Mariano Alcañiz participated in a round table during RHUMBO’s Final Conference.

The event was moderated by a journalist expert in science and technology, who set different and fascinating questions for the speakers to generate a debate. The audience was also very participative.

Topics such as the ethical implications of the use of ChatGPT, the future impact of the development of the metaverse in our social interactions and relationships, the ethical considerations that should be taken into account as machine learning becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, from personalized recommendations to autonomous decision-making systems or VR commerce as a future substitute of physical stores were discussed during the Conference.