Workshop I: Responsible Research and Innovation I

As part of the network training activities, UPV hosts a Workshop focused on responsible research and innovation regarding topics as ethics and gender. Prof. Michael Madary from the University of the Pacific will conduct the workshop.

Prof. Michael Madary is a member of the External Advisory Board of RHUMBO and is an internationally-recognized expert and foundational figure in the ethics of immersive technology.  In 2016, Madary and Thomas Metzinger published the first code of ethics for research and consumer use of virtual reality.  The code covers the psychological and neurological risks that might be associated with the technology and has already had great impact, including widespread media attention.

In addition to his work on the ethics of emerging technology, Madary has published widely on the topic of visual perception from an interdisciplinary perspective.  His recent book, Visual Phenomenology (MIT Press, 2016), offers a synthesis of philosophical, psychological, and neuroscientific evidence to make the case that human vision is essentially anticipatory.

Madary is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Tulane University in New Orleans.  Prior to taking this position, Madary collaborated on a number of international research projects, including Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-Embodiment (VERE) based in Mainz, Germany, and Consciousness in Interaction (CONTACT) based in Bristol, England.

Contact us in if you want to attend it! Limited access!