New open ESR position in Neurons, Inc.

A new position for an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) is open in RHUMBO. He/she will be working from Neurons Inc ( and be enrolled at the Aalborg University Copenhagen Campus ( The ESR will focus on studying and developing protocols for assessing the relationship between mixed reality and subconscious consumer responses, with a keen focus on using EEG as a measure. The ESR will receive a Ph.D. after successful completion of the 3-year project. More specifically, the ESR will study how different virtual and augmented commerce solutions can lead to motivation and customer choice, or cognitive overload and mental taxation. These responses are to be combined with the responses found in comparable physical stores.

Through the study of emotional and cognitive responses (using EEG neuroimaging) to different VR and AR commerce solutions, this ESR will 1) design protocols for integrating VR/AR with EEG and optimally study emotional and cognitive responses to such environments; 2) identify and define neural markers and range of scores of optimal VR/AR commerce design that drives or inhibits customer choice; and 3) test the effect of multiple sensory (especially vision and audition) on these responses.

Position available in Euraxess: