14 January, 2020

Open PhD position in Denmark!

A new PhD position is open in Narrative Cognition and Decision-making in Mixed Reality Systems. At the Technical Faculty of...
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13 November, 2019

1st Training School in Pisa (Italy)

RHUMBO's first Training School in Pisa is taking place from Nov, 11th till 14th, 2019. With the general title "Establishing...
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31 October, 2019

Conference Paper accepted: “User-independent classification of emotions in a mixed arousal-valence model”

ESR11 Mauro Nascimben, Prof. Luis Emilio Bruni from AAU and Thomas Zöega from NEUR have collaborated in the Cpnference paper...
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2 October, 2019

Paper accepted: “Virtual Reality in Marketing: A Framework, Review, and Research Agenda”

Frontiers in Psychology has recently published this interesting new article that provides reviews the literature on XRs in marketing, as...
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3 September, 2019

All ESRs in place!

ESRs are already enrolled and starting their careers. Welcome to Jaikishan Khatri, Masoud Moghaddasi, Suman Sarkar, Diana Shih, Ameeruddin Ghouse,...
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18 December, 2018

11 ESRs positions open for application

11 Early Stage Researcher positions available. Deadline for applications: 2019, Feb 28th.
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2 October, 2018

Kickoff Meeting

Next Nov,12th and 13th will take place in Valencia (Spain) RHUMBO's kick-off meeting.
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