1st Training School in Pisa (Italy)

RHUMBO’s first Training School in Pisa is taking place from Nov, 11th till 14th, 2019. With the general title “Establishing the Fundamentals”, several technical lectures have taken place in different topics such as VR, presence, machine learning, stealth assessment techniques, brain activity capturing techniques, advanced biosignals processing, neurocomputational methods for comparing VR and reality and statistics and modeling in biomedicine.

Lectures have been given by members of the External Advisory Board such as Prof. Biocca, Prof. Shute, Prof. Barbieri and Prof. Verschure. Other very well-known speakers have participated such as Prof. Nicola Vanello, Prof. Mario Cimino and the host of the meeting, Prof. Gaetano Valenza.

ESRs also attended a Workshop II focused in project management and research communication.